Katherine May

Katherine May is a writer who is fascinated by the ways we tell stories in everyday life.

This has led her to write stories with ghosts in them (as opposed to ghost stories), a novel about how we imagine our life-stories and an erotic memoir and blog as her online alter-ego, Betty Herbert.

After developing a live performance of her novel Burning Out in 2009, she co-founded The ReAuthoring Project, working with authors to create live, interactive performances of their work. She has since worked to develop performative vehicles for her own writing, such as her Confession Booth (2012) and the Mucky Book Club (2010-2013).

Katherine also teaches creative and professional writing to BA and MA students at Canterbury Christ Church University.

In September 2014, she will begin a PhD programme at the University of Kent, researching the link between cognitive approaches to narrative and the telling of stories of the self online.